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No BS Wireless

No BS Wireless is here to make your wireless phone life a bit simpler… We are a fun division of – where you can find our more “traditional” side.

This website was inspired by a recent move by wireless providers to offer unlimited talk and text plans for $40 a month.  BUT – they “left out” the part where they charge you $26 a month, per line to rent or buy your phone.

So, we called “bullshit” and decided the world ought to know that wireless does not have to be complicated.

There are six videos on this page.

The first three are just for fun:

We created an animated version of our logo, Hired a fake news commentator, and asked our favorite preacher for a tounge-in-cheek review of our thoughts.

The next three videos are the No BS approach to wireless

Video one:  Do you want a smartphone?

Video two:  If yes, which smartphone?

Video three:  which carrier and which plan?

Give us just 4 minutes and we will make your wireless life simple and easy!